WAN: Starlink (Priority 1) disconnected (No cable detected)

I have the flat high performance starlink disk connected to pepwave max BR1 Pro 5g, I reguraly get WAN: Starlink (Priority 1) disconnected (No cable detected) in the event log, when I start getting these they seem to be fairly predictable, about every 2 hours, When I start getting these I reseat the cable at the dish and it usually fixes the problem for awhile but it always seems to come back, I’ve had it go away for 3 weeks, 2 weeks, sometimes for only a day. Anyone else experiencing this type of behavior? I do unplug starlink before doing this so that might be resetting it as well, seems odd that a cable or loose connection is the issue since neither of those would result in losing connectivity at a predictable time, it would instead be very random. really sort of at a loss of what to try next. Thought about replacing the cable that goes to the dish but that is a major undertaking since my cable is secured to the rv roof with enternbond tape and a cable entry plate covered in dicor.

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This is an issue we’ve seen and so far only have 1 fix for this and that is to set speed to either 1gbps or 100 full duplex. The issue is auto detecting / advertisement of the speed from the Starlink Dish.

Peplink is aware, but please lodge a support request through the portal as to collect more data from more installations.

Thanks !

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Thanks I’ll give that a try

Seemed to make it better only one incident in last 2 days, I wonder how many people are seeing this with the new flat high performance dish (this is the permanently mounted $2500 dish), don’t see many articles on this since its not widely used yet. With the new starlink dish there is no starlink adapter needed they obviously just incorporated it into the power supply, it comes with 2 cable options one for ethernet and one for their router. Disappointing if they new this existed with the other dishes and did nothing to address the issue. I’m thinking of putting a switch between peplink and starlink just like people did with previous gen dishes.

I have this happening too with both a MAX BR1 Pro 5G and MAX BR2 Pro 5G. The settings above do not work for me, and Peplink has had an open ticket from me for several weeks. This has been going on for months with my setup.

Also, I’ve had the Flat High Performance Dish now for almost a year, and know many, many boaters with it, so it is definitely more widely used than you might think. I’d say every 4th boat I see or work on has one.

Having to put a switch in between is unacceptable to me. Peplink already had issues with the previous Starlink dish with older versions of their products, and having to put an additional point of failure and power consuming device in between isn’t a long term solution. This same dish is used by businesses and available using the Maritime plans which are extremely expensive and usually used by large yachts and other commercial ships.

If Peplink is going to continue to play in this market, they need to get basic switching and ports figured out with Starlink. Most of the rest of the market has done this, or realizes they have to be flexible enough to figure something out.

By the way I put a switch between the router and starlink and it didn’t resolve the issue, so I took it back out. Also just to rule out everything I also replaced both cables, the one going from the power supply to the router and from the dish to the power supply. I didnt actually think that would resolve anything since a bad cable or loose connection isn’t predictable i.e. every 2 hours it drops out. more just to appease the person who I have the ticket open with.

Just out of curiosity did you ask on your ticket if the 8.4.0 firmware that is about to come out will address this at all?

Interesting testing with the switch. It sounds like yours just stops working, or does it only stop when you make a configuration change or reboot the Peplink?

Mine works reliably as long as I don’t reboot the Peplink or make any sort of config changes on the WAN interface the HP dish is connected to.

I have been testing with 8.4.0 through the whole beta cycle. It was broken in 8.3.0 (current release) and is still broken in all versions of 8.4.0.

Without making any configuration changes mine will fall into a fairly steady routine of getting no cable detected about every 2 hours but then resolves itself within 7-10 seconds usually. with the switch testing not fixing it and replacing both cables not helping I’m really at a loss at this point. Sounds like our issues are a bit different, but like I state to the person on my ticket cables and loose connections do not follow a set routine for when they go bad, this clearly points to a software issue in my opinion, but I’m down to the main components at this point, if they don’t admit this is something with the router my only path forward now is to replace the power supply or the dish itself. I’m fairly confident given peplink’s track record with starlink that this is still an issue with the router losing its ability to negotiate with starlink.

Just installed the Starlink $2,500 HP antenna with a Peplink new MAX-BR2-Pro.

Only message was “Cable not detected” showing in InControl. So initially I was thinking I had a DOA issue.

The vendor (MobileMustHave) suggested disconnection from the Peplink and using the Starlink router for a test. Within moments I had a connection.

So we did some creative wiring in our Airstream so we could leave the Starlink router under the dinette and just change two cable connections to put Peplink back into the system.

Probably have about $10K into this installation due to custom bases made for both the 11 wire Peplink antenna and the Starlink antenna mounded on the edge of the curved roof and cabinets work inside the Airstream.

The Peplink is on 8.4.1 so the fix is not here yet. I am disappointed it does not work as advertised, but can get by with the gerry rig for now.

Hello @lschwitzer3,
The Peplink community has thousands of deployments using the StarLink HP Antenna, so we are perplexed as to why you needed your StarLink router.

The connection from the StarLink HP Antenna should go to the StarLink HP Power Supply (antenna end), and the StarLink Ethernet Cable should be connected to the remaining available socket on the StarLink Power Supply.

Alternatively, where AC is unavailable, you can use a suitable StarLink DC-DC solution (such as this HyphaLINK DC Power Injector - Rising Connection ). We use these packaged for remote solar-powered locations and packaged for use on moving deployments. Please note that these can only be purchased at the time of supply with the StarLink HP Antenna from the DC-DC manufacturer as part of a contract (a requirement enforced by the manufacturer & possibly StarLink also).

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Starlink was initially connected to WAN2 on our new MAX-BR2-Pro. Then connection died after a few minutes. We tried the Starlink router next and I could restore and create new networks and passwords but the antenna could not be seen.

A split second flicker of the LED on the antenna power supply and then dormant. Think we have a DOA part there.

We have verified that there is power at the box end of the antenna box power cord.

Maybe it died as soon as my credit card was charged by Starlink for the roaming fee???

There is a first generation Dishy Starlink on my account as well.