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Just purchased a Max-BR1-LTE-V-T. How do I get it operational on Verizon’s network? This is for a consumer account, not a business account. I assume I need them to send me an activated SIM card, but Verizon doesn’t seem to know much about these devices and is confused when you call them.

Peplink should have some helper info on their web site in regards to this. The product is for Verizon, but Verizon themselves, is not very well versed on how to do this.



Hi Christopher,

You will need to acquire a SIM card from Verizon and they will need the IMEI number from the device in order to activate it, this is printed on the label.



Thanks for the response. Here’s what I learned going through the account enable with Verizon. I think PepLink should document this information to help their Verizon customers get started. I also think PepLink and their customers would benefit from having PepLink work with Verizon to help them do a better job in supporting the product. Right now, they are kind of confused by it.

If you give Verizon the 15 digit IMEI number off the bottom of the Max-BR1, they will tell you that it is an unsupported device. What they are looking for is the MEID (HEX) which is provided on the router’s Dashboard/cellular/Details screen or, at least in my case, it is merely the IMEI number with the last digit left off.

With this number, they are then able to identify the device as a PepWave Max-BR1, but their normal account people do not seem to know how to enable it and they have to send you off to a tech support person. Once there, they have no information as to what size SIM card to send you, and I was unable to tell them since, as far as I could tell, it is not documented on the PepLink web site. After much searching, it was determined that the Max-BR1 requires a mini-SIM type card, but Verizon no longer supports these so you have to go with the micro-SIM type card from Verizon, and then purchase a micro-SIM to mini-SIM adapter. Verizon mails you the micro-SIM card. Upon receipt, you have to call them back and activate the micro-SIM card.

Total time on the phone with Verizon, believe it or not, was just under 2 hours. The tech support person was very helpful and even went as far as Googling around to find the correct SIM card type.


Thanks for the feedback Christopher, we will update our site and documentation to indicate the correct SIM card size - this makes sense.

If you are activating an LTE unit they will need the IMEI number, if it is a 3G unit then they will need the MEID number.

I’m surprised they could not get you a mini-SIM card, I know other customers have been able to get them no problem.


Hi Christopher,

We’ve updated our products specification pages to include SIM card sizing information.

Thanks - Alan


As an addendum, Sprint no longer supports mini sims either, just micro and nano.


Actually Sprint does have the mini size SIM cards and the part number is SIMGLW106R


Wow. 2 calls to Sprint tech support and a visit to a store could not find that info. Thanks!


NP Flim63 :up:


FWIW: I purchased and activated a Verizon mini SIM card this week (for a balance 30 LTE)