Verizon BYOD SIM & MAX-BR1-Mini-LTEA-W-T

Trying to activate a new MAX-BR1-Mini-LTEA-W-T with a Verizon BYOD SIM

Installed SIM into MAX. MAX and VZW talked and got IP address with good Signal.

Tried to Activate via Verizon website. Used 15 char IMEI and got the following message: “The phone associated with the device ID you entered is not compatible with the Verizon Network”

Found following link: Verizon SIM - #3 by Christopher which stated I should use a 14 char IMEI, which is the 15 without the last digit. Re-entered and received the same message.

Called the Verizon activation line and the Verizon Rep says their system does not recognize the Pepwave MAX.

Any Ideas?

@GrantW, welcome to the Forum!

Can you send me your IMEI in a private message so I can check? Thanks

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I just went through this, for some reason the prepaid division of Verizon does not recognize the IMEI. I ended up buying a $49 Jetpack they had on sale and a new SIM. When it showed up I activated it with the Jetpack them moved it over to the MAX.

Although it works the account page doesn’t recognize the MAX, it did recognize the Jetpack. It would be great if their database was updated. I’ll be watching this thread and can provide SN and IMEI if needed.

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Please note Verizon (& other carriers) can be very picky about what data plans they will allow to be activated on commercial routers. They same holds true for competing products so this is not a Peplink specific thing.

Just as @mjw930 did, you may need to activate the SIM using a different IMEI and then move it over to the BR1.


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