Verizon compatibility help

I want to get a Verizon plan from Verizon but reading the various posts I’m confused as to whether a new Verizon sim card will work work on my Pepwave device. I have an AT&T card and works well want a redundant backup as we are traveling to the western states at the end of the week. I don’t have time to wait for Ebay to mail me a sim card so I went to the Verizon store and the sales guy asked me for my IMEI number.
Please help.

Hi. It would be very helpful to know exactly which product you have but the IMEA will likely be found on a GUI page such as may be found at Dashboard --> WAN Connection Status --> Details. Look for something like this:

Also see here … Need with finding our IMEI number

yes I have the IMEI number, my question is that if I purchase the Verizon plan from Verizon would it work in my Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2. Do I need to give them my IMEI? Sorry I’m new at this.

As is all too often the answer: “It depends” (at least in my limited experience).
In particular, it depends on your plan. Verizon considers Peplink units to be “connected devices” with restrictions related to that designation.
I’d suggest talking with your local (and surely friendly) Verizon salesperson about your plan options.



If you are buying the plan directly from Verizon it will most definitely work as it is already certified on their network. Thanks