Need with finding our IMEI number

I recently bought the pepwave Max BR1 Mini LTE-US-T
We inserted our AT&T sim card and it would connect but without internet. We then brought it to our local AT&T shop they tried a new sim card still connected but without no internet. He told us that he needed to enter the IMEI number into the system so it can recognize the device but we bought it from Amazon and it didn’t give us an IMEI number. How can we get our IMEI number?
Please help.

Thank you, Ashley

Gee, I love easy questions! :grinning: OK … You can find it in two places. On the BR1 Mini I have in my hand it is on the sticker on the bottom of the unit. Look for a bar code after "IMEA:"and a 15 digit number number below that. Just above “Input 12-28VDC.”

You can also find it from the GUI – go to Dashboard → WAN Connection Status → [name of your connection - e.g., Cellular] → Details → then look under 'WAN Connection Status."

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Hi all I’m seeing on my sticker is
Product code
Serial number
AP Password
A box with default access
Input 12V-28V DC

Seems like mine is missing information

Hi Ashley, a while back we stopped printing the IMEI on the device label. If you still have the brown box it came in you will find it on the white sticker there.

Otherwise you would need to log in to the router and go to the Cellular Details tab as @Rick-DC has mentioned above.



That does not seem to work on my Balance 20X in that two SIM cards should mean two IMEI numbers if both can work simultaneously. See the screenshot of the status. The wireless provider for the SIM card in slot A did not require an IMEI number to activate (just the SIM card number) but the wireless provider for the SIM card in slot B does require an IMEI number. Is there any other way for me to find the IMEI number for slot B?

The IMEI number identifies the radio, not the SIM card. So both SIM card slots will register with the tower as the same IMEI. (Wikipedia is your friend. Donate.)

Thanks, but I understand that, which is why I had the caveat “if both can work simultaneously”. So what you are saying is that my Balance 20X cannot load balance between the SIMs or bond them, it can only switch between the SIMs (i.e. one radio that can switch between them).

The base 20X has only one radio - unless you have added a cellular FlexModule, that’s what you have. One radio = one IMEI = one SIM card/carrier at a time.

Bonding requires two (or more) WAN connections - two radios, or cellular + WAN or (there are other combinations, depending on the device).



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