Verizon Certification Status (2022)

We have received many inquiries in regard to our products’ Verizon certification statuses. We will be updating these lists when there are new updates so that these lists remain up to date.

[Certification in progress]

Model SKU Estimated ETA
MAX HD4 MBX 5G MAX-HD4-MBX-5GH-T Certified
B310 5G BPL-310-5GH-R-T Certified
MAX Adapter MAX-ADP-5GH-T Certified
BR1 Pro 5G MAX-BR1-PRO-5GH-T Certified
B310X BPL-310X-5GH-T Certified

Please advise status of MAX-ADP-LTEA-W-T. I have purchased this Max Adapter and Verizon support tell me its not authorised and after a further hour or so of being passed around and on hold they can’t see any plans for it to be authorised.

I should say it works great with AT&T. Thank you!

MAX-ADP-LTEA-W-T is certified in Verizon already. Please create a ticket for further investigation if you still find your device is not authorized in Verizon, thank you :slight_smile:

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@Mavis_Chan Thank you for your very quick response. Ticket 21060562 raised.

Thanks to very speedy help from @Soriam_Vargas, plus I guess some changes at the Verizon end, the issue is now resolved and I can connect to AT&T and Verizon networks.

Thank you for a great product and the great support.


what is the statuts with verizon certification for the MBX HD2 5g

Target to get TA in Sept :slight_smile:

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In the FWIW category: We dropped TMO and VZW SIM cards onto a Transit 5G just now, and they both connected to 5G without protest.



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Good to hear, but does anyone have any tips to get Verizon to activate a sim card for you? They say the IMEI number is unsupported and they won’t activate.

Have you gone here and input your IMEI number for your device (select “Other”):

Does Verizon show it’s compatible yet at that link?

Thanks. We have a MAX-TST-5GD-T-PRM. I just tried that link, and it still does not show as compatible. Based on the estimate at the top of this thread, it looks like it will hopefully be certified in September. That’s not the end of the world, we can wait till then, but it is a bit disappointing given that I bought it based the documentation at this page listing this product as already certified with Verizon. I’m guessing the way people are getting these working is by activating some other device, then switching the sim card to the Max Transit 5g. I might borrow a buddies old hotspot and give that a try.

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I suppose the distinction between the 4G LTE models and the 5G model is insufficiently flagged in the model specs.

FWIW (still): The successful test of the VZW in a transit 5G is not reflected in the IMEI test - providing the IMEI of that transit unit has VZW rejecting it. One may hope that what we are experiencing is that the communication infrastructure is ahead of the official certification completion (and activation database update).

And further FWIW: The SIM card used in the test is a corporate infrastructure account card, not a consumer account card (which I suppose may also be a potentially relevant distinction).



Sorry for the confusion. We updated the product page with a more precise remark.

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Thanks for the quick clarification. As I said, not a big deal, we can wait a month or two, and as long as certification does happen I suspect we will be very happy with our choice.

Hi Team,
Curious if there’s an ETA for the UBR Rugged to be certified with Verizon and if it could be added to the initial list. Any info on an ETA would be greatly appreciated.

Any update on the Transit 5G?

I’m considering purchasing a Peplink product, but after going through a mind numbing experience with a MOFI4500 on a Verizon Wireless mobile hotspot plan recently, I’m curious exactly what the Verizon Certification Status actually means.

Apologies for this being a long post…

I purchased a MOFI4500 router back in May and activated it on my Verizon account. As another post in this thread said to do, I went to the BYOD page, selected other, and put in the IMEI number for my device. It came back with a green result of “It looks like your device is compatible”. It presented me with a choice of mobile hotspot plans, including the options that should be 50% with my phone on the Do More Unlimited plan. The MOFI4500 activated just fine after the SIM arrived and has been working just fine all this time - so far so good. However, when I checked my bill, I noticed I wasn’t getting the expected 50% discount on the mobile hotspot plan. I contacted support numerous times and got all sorts of different answers. They claimed that my device ID wasn’t showing up in their system (it showed up on my end when I looked at the device through My Verizon), so I played ball and gave them the IMEI number. I went through several rounds of this and finally ran into an extremely rude rep last week. This prompted me to send an email to a member of the executive team last weekend explaining the problem and requesting they get me in touch with someone who can resolve the issue.

I received a call on Monday from someone who works in the executive office who initially seemed to be helpful. However, after doing some research, he called me back on Wednesday and said that my device shows up as something other than a mobile hotspot (some sort of device that’s intended for low data usage, such as for remote weather station reporting) AND that it should not even be allowed on their network. I asked the obvious question of why the BYOD page says my device is compatible, gives me a choice of mobile hotspot plans, AND even gives me the choices that are 50% off (and can only be selected if there’s a phone on the Do More plan). He couldn’t give me an answer. I then asked if he could give me the brand name and model of at least one third party product that is certified for use on the mobile hotspot plans (I mentioned Peplink seemed likely as I had already come across this thread as well as the previous 2020 thread). He told me there are no such devices. So I ended up cancelling the line for now and am exploring other options, including switching to AT&T or T-Mobile.

So after all of that, has anyone had success with getting the expected 50% discount on the Verizon mobile hotspot plans that qualify for it with Peplink products? Or has anyone else run into the same problem as me? I’ll look around for other topics, but has anyone had any issues using the Peplink products with AT&T or T-Mobile (such as no connection because the device is blacklisted?)?

MOFI seems to be pretty much completely unresponsive to support questions, while Peplink seems to actually have tech support, so that alone would be a good reason for me to switch. But I don’t want to sign up for another plan or spend another $300+ on another router only to end up in the same situation again.

Can you confirm the SKU you purchased?

Hi @Mavis_Chan
We have learned through other channels that the UBR-RUG-LTEA-R-T-PRM is already certified with Verizon. We were seeing IMEI’s that had not been uploaded to Verizon’s database causing Verizon to not activate SIMs when trying to activate using the device IMEI. This has been resolved though.

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