Using SIM Injector with 2 HD1 Domes

Hi All,

I just made an installation of the following and I would like some advice:

Pepwave HD4 MBX
2x Pepwave HD1 Dome
Pepwave SIM Injector

I am trying to figure out what would be the best way using 1 SIM injector to connect the HD1’s to the WAN port 1 and WAN Port 2.

I have tried on doing the following:

Using the same IP range for both HD1, but different DHCP pools.
Router 1 DHCP range of to 199
Router 2 DHCP range of to 254

Didn’t work.

I was thinking on using different subnets, would this be a possibility?

It’s a shame that the SIM Injector cannot assign VLANS to the ports.

The other option would be to install in between the HD1’s and the MBX a PoE switch where I would create different VLANS.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thank you,

@SteveTaylor has been working on an issue with dual HD1s on a single SIM injector. I bet he has some wisdom to share…

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Hi @Jcol7884,

As @MartinLangmaid says, I’ve been working on a similar setup.

  1. Do the SIMS that you are using required APN settings? If so, this is now supported with the beta 8.1.0 firmware - you can use the HD2 Dome firmware on the HD1 Domes. > Firmware <
  2. Which Firmware version is the SIM Injector using? This is the latest Firmware that I’m aware of (1.1.55) > SIM Injector Firmware <
  3. I would suggest setting up the domes and SIM Injector as follows (change the IP addresses to suit your needs):
  • Dome 1 = (no DHCP)
  • Dome 2 = (no DHCP)
  • SIM Injector = - set the Gateway to either of the Domes (doesn’t really matter).

At this stage, you should be using 2 of the ports on the SIM Injector (1 for each Dome) and both Domes should be allocated a SIM from the SIM Injector - if not, let me know. If both Domes are online, then you can connect the HD4 MBX:

Connect the remaining 2 ports from the SIM Injector to the WAN ports on the HD4 MBX.

Set the HD4 MBX as follows:-

  • WAN 1 = (Gateway =
  • WAN 2 = (Gateway =

I hope this helps,