Using a Peplink Balance 20 to provide a bridging failover

I have two separate internet connections: one providing WiFi through a mesh network and another ethernet connection from a Ubiquiti dish and a second ISP.
I would like to improve the connectivity when video conferencing using Zoom.
Can I place the Balance 20 so that the ethernet dish connection and a second ethernet connection from the wifi mesh device will improve connectivity by failing over if the Balance is in a bridge mode?
Or is there a better setup?

@mikecski, why do you feel the Balance router would need to be bridged? It sounds like you could just take both of the Ethernet connections in to the Balance and then plug your PC into the LAN of the Balance.

Or maybe I am not understanding your setup correctly. Thanks

Configure both networks as WAN, set up health checks as required. This shouldn’t be a bridge mode, but a standard LAN->WAN-WAN routing mode.

Then turn on SpeedFusion Cloud and assign your internet test IP to the SF tunnel and test from there.

Then you can use the Outbound Policies to manage the dual WAN links + SF tunnel.

Depending on your available speeds and network reliability you can tune the SF tunnel parameters to provide better stability, or more bandwidth, Other threads discuss Video vs phone traffic in tunnels.

That would work if … everything were in the same place
The modem and router are on a second floor from one isp
The working computer is on another floor with an Ethernet line from the dish
The mesh network provides Wi-Fi or Ethernet to the computer
Putting the BAlance near the computer could provide a more stable connection with failover was my thought

You say the Mesh provides WIFI or ethernet to the computer… Is that via a cable between the floors or only when you move the computer to the second floor?

You can run it via drop in, but I don’t know the granularity of Outbound rules you can use in such a system. You need to pull the zoom calls out of the bridged network path via port or IP range into the SF cloud tunnel, you can’t use the domain based rules unless the B20 is your DNS server.

To use both ISP’s at the same time you must have a SF tunnel, and with a B20 that means two ethernets, with the Zoom computer on the LAN side…

I usually put both ISP’s into the B20 directly, and assign Outbound traffic flows as desired

I would put the modem on B20 WAN1, the UBNT (via wire from the other floor) into WAN2, and switch the mesh WiFi to the LAN (turn off mesh DHCP, and put the mesh into bridge mode). The B20 is your router now, and handles all DNS etc. Now you can route out the SF tunnel via * or other rules, and all Wifi users have the advantage of the balanced network, and failover etc.