Balance 20 Speed(Con)Fusion

I recently picked up a Balance 20 to test with Starlink, in the hope that it would be easier to configure than my Unifi Security Gateway (it is, because all the settings are exposed in the interface, no JSON editing needed).

My understanding is that the 20 does not support SpeedFusion, as discussed in this thread: Balance 20 - Speedfusion That’s also what’s in the manual. Other threads seem to contradict that, but perhaps special conditions apply: Using a Peplink Balance 20 to provide a bridging failover

The website and firmware are confusing on this point. First, right at the top of the latest firmware is a great big SpeedFusion tab, with a “get your activation key now” link. You can’t actually do it, so I’d expect the firmware to be smart enough to hide the tab by default. The banner on the Balance series product page proclaims, “Common Features: SpeedFusion” ( - Model Comparison ) but the default comparison table says no ( - Model Comparison ).

I have some appetite to test this, but I’m not yet curious enough to drop a lot of money (for a home office) when the availability is uncertain. So what’s the minimum hardware I’d need … it looks like that would be a Balance 30 Pro for hot failover, or a 210 to add WAN smoothing and bonding?

B20X absolutely supports speedfusion. We have about 300 of them in use.

They also have very good wifi and high throughput - I have seen 700+M on a 1G internet connection (likely the limit was the ISP)

whoops - did you mean balance 20 or 20x? If you meant balance 20 ignore my reply.

If you want two WAN ports, the 30 pro. If you want two WAN plus cellular 30 PRO LTE. That is actually what I have at home.

Right - I did mean the 20 (no X, and no cell service here). But anyway, thanks for the sanity check.

If you want to send me a PM of your s/n I’ll see if there is a sku that I can get to apply to your device if you want it to be able to do speed fusions.