Use wifi wan with portal captive connection


BR1 is on Boat, and harbor give wifi access , i would configurate my BR1 for use this wifi access like wan wifi , but this wifi from harbor have captive portal .
How i can configure my BR1 for connect at this wan access wifi with captive portal?

Hi Ben,

in the Forum are some workarounds for that, like MAC-Cloning.
It depends on the Roules of the WiFi owner

see PepWave WiFi WAN Feature Request


Disable Health Check on WiFI-WAN, set it as P1 on the dashboard with everything else lower priority, connect wifi wan to the harbour wifi.
Then connect a device and try and access the internet. The harbour wifi captive portal will come up do when you need to do there and from that point onwards - once you’re connected to the internet, any device connected to the BR1 will likely also have internet access.

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thanks Martin. Thats new for me :slight_smile:


i have disable the health check and its connecting

but after my br1 have a balance 580 and i dont get portal on pc

thank for help

Is the BR1 the only active WAN connection on the B580?

Make sure DNS settings are set to default/obtain from that WAN with the captive portal and not hard coded as external DNS servers may not be accessible while in a ‘walled garden’