Use the following dns servers still has ISP dns server?

On a Max Transit Cat 18, under
WAN Connection Settings
I have
Routing Mode NAT
DNS Servers
Obtain DNS server address automatically (unchecked)
Use the following DNS server address(es)

However at the top under WAN Connection status DNS Servers it has

Why is it adding the ATT dns server?

Its a known UI bug.

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Ah, thanks. I guess it let’s you know what the ISP dns server that would be assigned would be, if you wanted that option, so it could be useful to know… just the labeling confused me. Thanks!

On a Balance, I’m still seeing a similar bug with the latest 8.1.3 firmware tonight. If I click on wan2 which is set to dhcp, it shows unchecked obtain dns servers and checked use dns servers. However if I click on static wan 1 first, and then click on dhcp wan2, it shows checked obtain dns servers and checked use dns servers. If I then don’t save any changes and go back to the dashboard, and then back to network and click on wan2, it shows correctly unchecked obtain dns servers, so for some reason that checked obtain dns servers appears if I click wan1 first and then wan2.

I ran into this too, but figured out that there is another place you can see the actual servers in use.

If you go to network → network settings → dns proxy settings → ? icon → “Click here for advanced settings for the DNS Resolvers selection” then it will show each connection with the active DNS servers.

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