Use firewall to block ALL Siri connections

We have half a dozen iPads and iPhones. Apple’s Siri is constantly activating for apps and consumes a TON of data.

Can I block ALL connections to Siri in the firewall in Max Transit MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-R-T-PRM?

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Not trying to be a jerk here……but……shut her off.
I would totally disable that feature. I also find it strange to ask a electronic device to do anything.

I understand Siri uses the same ports as Facetime and iMessage. You could try blocking the ports they tell you to open here to make Facetime and iMessage work (apart from 443 and 80 of course):

If you have a Mac handy, you could configure a device profile using Apple Configurator and deploy it to each device.

Configuration profiles allow you to disable and lockdown a ton of features. Siri is one of them.

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Siri is “disabled” on all devices but apparently that only applies to standard iOS applications. Each individual app installed on the device has it’s own settings and they frequently get reset, it’s like a constant game of whack a mole.

Thanks but unfortunately I’ve tried that and it just falls back to using TCP port 80.

THANKS! This looks promising, will definitely dig into this more, and do some testing next week (Daughter is visiting for the next couple of days)

Appreciate it, fortunately I think I’ve beaten WiFi WAN into submission finally for Sprint so I’m up and running for now. Just glad that the 4 cellular devices each have 60GB of hotspot data that is finally working consistently.

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How about creating an allow rule for in your firewall with logging enabled.
Then watch what hosts it accesses when using siri.

Then create new rules to block those hosts.

You could also enable url logging, see here: