Configuring URL Logging

As of Firmware 6.3, Peplink devices are capable logging the URLs visited by each user. To enable this feature, navigate to Network > Firewall > Content Blocking. Scroll all the way down to see the following menu:![](upload://jsS5opKSQUmq2bj2AGF2T2vhiYt.png)Click enable, and the enter the ip address and port (if applicable) where your remote syslog server is located.


hi Alan, may I know what is your recommend syslog server that works well for this?
If we setup the syslog server and install at the DC and pull all our peplink balance that we install around the world will it generate heavy load to the peplink, and will it consume a lot of bandwidth?

Your advice for this is much appreciate. :slight_smile:

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@Lai_Tong_Lek1 Have a look here: How URL Logging works?

Have used, & and synology nas.

Bandwidth utilisation will depend on the number of users on your network and how actively they access the internet. As a text based logging tech though the overhead is low. You will need to test and see what impact it has on your ingrastructure.


hi martin, thanks for the info, let me give it a try. thanks.


I am new to this syslog stuff. I am trying KIWI but am not sure how to set this all up.

For example… what IP address do I define in the peplink software for remote syslog server? I thought it was with port of 514… but I dont see any action in KIWI.

This is where I am stuck. Any help is appreciated.



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It is the IP address of the machine that is running KIWI.


can this be aimed at an external server or only one on the lan?

External mean Internet Syslog server ? This is not recommended provided you are ok to send clear text logs via internet.