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We need to explain the difference between the Mushroom Network product"www.mushroomnetworks.com" and your products so that we want to get to every detail that benefits video streaming systems for events, meetings, live broadcast, and video conference.

With clarity and impartiality, we want to know whether your product is the best or the products of Mushroom Network: “www.mushroomnetworks.com” is best

Which is better in combining multiple connections, who is stronger and more stable?
And what are the strengths and weaknesses of both products.

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Mushroom networks gear is fine. When its configured well it works - it generally does a pretty good job of bonding. They even do a couple of things Peplink can’t (like Proxy Arp / Arp impersonation for L2 support over L3 networks), and unlike Peplink have built a product with an integrated video encoder.

Where Peplink wins.

  • InControl2 - show any customer IC2, reporting, remote web admin and zero touch deployments and you’ve already won.
  • Peplink has a much larger range of products to fit different requirements and budgets, with more focus on wireless SD-WAN. Peplink’s understanding of cellular networks, SIM management and signal / health based switching of cellular network is second to none.
  • This forum and Peplink support in general is far superior than Mushroom Networks.
  • Technical and commercial agility - Peplink put all of their energies into winning opportunities. If you ever come up against a competitor product and you need to blow it away just ask your account manager - they are fully weaponized to achieve this.

Also: How does Peplink compare to Mushroom Networks? They say they are better?

Peplink has never taken out an advert that says they are better than anyone else. They don’t need to.

Yet more and more competitors are upset about the opportunities they are losing to Peplink and are doing just that. If that was all I knew about Mushroom networks it would be enough for me to be looking at Peplink instead.


I didn’t answer this.

Look at:

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thanks Mr. MartinLangmaid

but how the Mushroom Network doing better on Proxy Arp / Arp impersonation i think it’s important also for bonding connections. am i right ?

which product of Peplink have an integrated video encoder or do you mean the Mushroom Network have it not Peplink

they also tell us they don’t have any packet loss

so how we now what is exactly best for us for live broadcast which one of them is better for that
How we can make a neutral comparison or how we can know which is better before paying any of them


no, nothing to do with bonding, more to do with complex network extension.

Mushroom N have a product with integrated encoder. Peplink’s approach is to make the best bonding solution to be used by whatever needs it.

Thats fine. Peplink can do this too (see that FEC video above) but if you are sending video streams over public networks there is always very good chance of packet loss on the underlying connections (be they 3g/4g/5g or DSL). Techniques exist to mitigate this. Peplink have WAN smoothing and Forward Error Correction to solve this at the data transport layer. Video encoders also add FEC and Flow control at the application layer - introducing big buffers (up to 6 -10 seconds sometimes for one way live video stream).

You try them both. You speak with a Peplink partner local to you and ask for a trial, you do the same with a Mushroom partner and then you see which works best for you.

In either case though you are going to have questions about config and use. Did you ask mushroom networks customers about Peplink? What did they say? I suspect you get more support and answers here from people than there… just a gut feeling :wink: