How does Peplink compare to Mushroom Networks? They say they are better?

So any time I google Peplink vs going here by mistake, the first ad that comes up is for Mushroom Networks, and it says “Peplink vs REAL bonding - Truffle true bonding appliance” but when you click it, there’s no mention of Peplink just a contact form to have someone call you.

Just curious how they compare. I’m good with Peplink but wondering if they work similar or just curious about feedback in general. Thanks!

Hmmm. not convinced you’ll get an unbiased response to that question on Peplinks Forum :wink:

Two key things I’d highlight.

  1. Mushroom networks is running an ad campaign against Peplink with a clickbait title that then doesn’t lead to any evidence to back up the title. Peplink do not feel the need to run targeted adds against any other vendor…

  2. Have you counted how many products Peplink sell with different form factors & capabilities designed to enable just about any type of SD-WAN deployment? Now count how many products Mushroom Networks have. Which one is more likely to have an agile solution ready as you try and connect your office, yacht, train, bus, drone, robot in the future? Peplink have access points, virtual appliances, there are access control systems, hotspots, time and attendance solutions, clever SD-WAN switches and POE devices. When you buy into Peplink you can take advantage of a whole raft of tech - not just bonding at the perimeter.

That said, until you do a direct comparison between them its hard to know how they compare. If anyone on here has used Mushroom Networks gear in the past and can share their experiences with it that would be great.


Don’t worry being biased is fine :slight_smile: We just applied to become a Peplink partner this morning so we are committed. :slight_smile:

I was just curious as they always pop up, but their website looks like it’s really old almost like a cheap Wordpress template. Noticed that after I posted this question, there’s only a handful of products and no real explanation on how anything works. I guess I was wondering more by the way they worded it, if 99% of the companies out there bond one way, where Peplink is the unique one doing their own thing or whatever. Or if Mushroom works similar etc. As far as I know you can load balance locally but bonding always requires a device at the DC or their office like a SpeedFusion device or FusionHub that actually aggregates all the traffic together.


I prefer the canned mushrooms myself. Maybe it’s the preservatives they put in there for a long shelf life but they just taste way better to me! :grinning:


Yes, Tim. I agree. Canned are much better – particularly when one can’t get the real thing. But, personally, I’ll just stick with Peplink and avoid the whole issue! :sunglasses:

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I’ve never used one.

They often come up because they pay for advertising on Peplink keywords.

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