UPnP port forwarders for VLan gateways


I tried to move my Xbox to a VLan all by itself. Everything thing works except the UPnP port forwarders that it sets up when starting the console and starting the game. I tried a trace route from that VLan and didn’t notice a “hop” from VLan to LAN to Internet, so why would the UPnP request not be routed in the same fashion? Is the UPnP only attached to the LAN interface IP? That leaves me in a bit of a bind since it is preferable to let PNP set it up as opposed to doing a broad NAT mapping.

Well, why not move everything to a VLan and leave the XBox alone on the LAN. Well, I have several devices and apps that are currently requiring one broadcast domain since they only send a 1 in the TTL. ideally, I would have a wired and wireless LAN, but I need to have some broadcast and multicast shared between the networks.

I see the custom service forwarding, but it only seems to deal with TCP ports and all of the multicast groups use UDP. I saw a post where DHCP extended option 3 helped him, but none of my clients seem to honor that setting and the VLAN gateway is always set to the VLAN IP of the Peplink (logical).

Any suggestions?


UPnP only supported on Untagged Vlan at the moment. We plan to support on Tagged Vlan on v7.1.0.

Do you think NAT Mapping or Port Forwarding for a port range will help?


Port forwarding would work, but there are some scenarios where the Xbox will use random high port numbers. The XBox starts a forwarder for Chat on UDP 3074. Then, some games will have an in game data channel on 3075. If those two ports are already forwarded, that is when it starts going for random.

NAT mapping worked, but then other UPnP devices can’t setup their forwarders.

As you can see - I am looking forward to forwarding from a VLan. Thanks @TK_Liew for confirmation.