Upgrading Firmware - The Manual Method

In some cases, a special build may be provided via a ticket or it may be found in the forum. Upgrading to the special build can be done using this method, or using IC2 if you are using that to manage your firmware upgrades. A manual upgrade using the GA firmware posted on the site may also be recommended or required for a couple of reasons.

All of the Peplink/Pepwave GA firmware can be found here. Navigate to the relevant product line (ie. Balance, Max, FusionHub, SOHO, etc). Some product lines may have a dropdown that lists all of the products in that product line. Here is a screenshot from the Balance line.


If the device has more than one firmware version the current hardware revision will be required to know what firmware to download. Here is a post that shows how to locate the HWR.**

Navigate to System > Firmware and click the Choose File button under the Manual Firmware Upgrade section. Navigate to the location that the firmware was downloaded to select the “.img” file and click the Open button.

Click on the Manual Upgrade button to start the upgrade process.

A prompt will be displayed advising to download the Current Active Configuration. Please click on the underlined download text. After downloading the current config click the Ok button to start the upgrade process. The firmware will now be applied to the router*. The amount of time it takes for the firmware to upgrade will depend on the router that’s being upgraded.


*Upgrading the firmware will cause the router to reboot.

It should be noted that when you upgrade the router firmware (using any method) the actively running firmware and config will be maintained and the new firmware will be written to the non-running firmware bank. The benefit here is you are able to roll back to the exact pre-upgrade state by simply rebooting the router into the other firmware bank if you happen to have any issues on the new firmware. Reboot menu is located at System > Reboot
firmware image