Upgrading firmware of Peplink Balance 310



I have a Peplink Balance 310 and I would like to upgrade it to the latest firmware. However, I am unsure if the latest firmware is compatible with my Peplink Balance 310. See relevant details below:

  • Hardware Revision: 2
  • Firmware: 5.2.2 build 1011

Here are some of my concerns:

  • When I try to check for firmware updates through the admin panel of the Peplink Balance 310, it says that there’s no firmware upgrade available, yet the download page says otherwise.
  • Will there be any problems if I perform a manual upgrade of the firmware from version 5.2.2 build 1011 to the latest firmware?
  • Will my configuration change once I upgrade the firmware? I’m currently using the Peplink Balance in an office environment.


The latest firmware is compatible with a Balance 310 HW2
Be aware that you need a “firmware unlock key” when upgrading from firmware version 5.x to 6.x (or higher).
This post explains how you can obtain your firmware unlock key.
The configuration won’t change but make sure you test and check the configured features after the firmware upgrade. A lot of features have been added since firmware 5.2.2.


Hi Erik,

Would it be okay to upgrade my Peplink Balance 310 firmware directly to the latest version or do I have to upgrade the firmware incrementally (i.e. 5.x to 6.x then 6.x to 7.x) to avoid any problems that may occur?



Recommended you can upgrade the device to 5.x latest and following by 6.x latest before you upgrade to 7.x latest.

You can download the archive firmware by using the following URLs:

Balance 310 HW2 is very old hardware (>= 10 Years old). You may need to backup the configuration before upgrade the device just in case any issue happen, you still have the backup configuration.



Thank you for the information. I’ll try to do what you’ve suggested then.