Upgrade to FW 8.0 then router failed to write configuration data to the flash memory

After upgrading to firmware 8.0 for a Balance one, I did some changes in the configuration and started getting the message " router failed to write configuration data to the flash memory…"

Already open a ticket and activated remote assistance.
No response yet, what can I do?

Ticket # 9090444

We are investigating the unit, will keep you updated via the support ticket (#9090444).

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Hi Triales 77

Please can you help me on this case, I have the same issue with my Balance router 580, what I can do to resolve this one.

Best regards

Hi WeiMing,

I have the same issue, can you please share with me the resolution to fixe’t

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wei Ming,

we also got this message on our reported FusionHub - maybe that caused of the issue.

Customer support from peplink did solve the issue but I was not aware of what they did.

They did mention that I shouldn’t activate the “log” for all the connections but I’m not sure if is related to the problem.

Maybe clearing the log will free some space and the problem with get resolve, is just a guess but I recommend to go through them, just open a ticket and make sure “Remote Assistance” is active for your unit so when they work on your ticket they are able to login and you don’t waste their time waiting for you to activate it.

When submitting the ticket include the report from the unit


@Mohammed_Kabbab, @JakubN, please submit a ticket here, for the team to check on the device. As suggested by @Triales77, please include the device serial number and enable the Remote Assistance to allow Support Team to carry out the diagnosis.


I have a new 20X running 8.0.2 out of the box. It let me set up the unit, and a couple of days after being on-line, I made a small change and got the “failed to write flash” error. Tech Support has had two remote support session with my modem along with associated reboots. Still getting failed to write error. So far no solution from tech support.