Unable to connect to L2TP VPN on Windows 10


I’ve been struggling to connect to the Peplink VPN (L2TP With IPSec) on Windows 10 (Home and Pro). I’m able to connect to the VPN on a Mac, iPhone and Android devices. I’m not sure what’s up with Windows as my old router the Cisco 1841 had the same issue when connecting.

I have followed the instructions here Setting up L2TP With IPsec and after attempting to connect, it would say that it can’t connect and the remote server is not responding. I read somewhere that you may be able to change some registry keys in order to resolve this issue.

Can somebody help? I appreciate it, thanks!

Just to confirm your Peplink device deploy behind a NAT device ? If you, would you please check on this forum post ?

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My problem is I am unable to connect to a peplink balance that is not using NAT but the windows 10 client is using NAT.
Using the same client and server, if I tether the client trough my phone (no NAT), it connects. I have tried the registry edit for a server using NAT and it does not correct the problem.

in summary. client without nat connects, with nat fails.