UDP Hole Punching with FusionHub & MAX HD4

I have a FusionHub setup on EC2 instance, per Peplink instructions. I have a Pepwave MAX HD4 connected to this FusionHub, and have successfully used it a lot for encoding video with Bonding & WAN smoothing. I’m only using the FusionHub to bond 4 cellular modems into 1. Nothing crazy.

Now I need to port forward incoming UDP 8601 for a special video decoder unit. I have tried various configs and can’t get it to work. I have this successfully working at our office, using Ubiquiti, so I know the video transmission equipment is working just fine.

  1. Where exactly do I need to setup my incoming port forward rules? AWS EC2, FusionHub or Pepwave MAX HD4? And should I apply those rules to every interface? I must admit, when it comes to port forwarding, I’m only used to dealing with one router.

  2. I need some suggestions on whether or not FusionHub and/or Pepwave MAX HD4 should be in NAT mode. Also, do I need to go through each cellular modem WAN on the Pepwave and choose Port Forward instead of NAT under the Routing Mode?

There are so many layers with the SpeedFusion setup. I recognize the layers, but I’m not sure where rules should get applied. And the other two just remain completely open to the world?

You need to add the port into the AWS security group (look at this post and search for ‘Basic Security Group’ Deploying FusionHub on Amazon Web Services (AWS)) then add it on the Fusionhub under port forwarding with a destination of the internal LAN IP of the encoder on the LAN of the remote HD4.

BY adding it to the security group you are allowing traffic on the custom port to reach the Fusionhub, then by adding the port forwarding on the Fusionhub that traffic gets redirected over the Speedfusion VPN to the LAN device on the remote HD4.

Fusionhub should be in NAT mode. HD4 should be NAT too.

No. Leave them as default NAT. There i sno Port forwarding config required on the HD4.

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