Trying to setup VPN

Hello and Good Day to All
I’m trying to setup VPN on Surf soho to run two WiFi cams.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but can’t get anything to gel.
Running the latest firmware in beta. Any help is much appreciated

Need more info to help. What isn’t working, what is your config what type of VPN etc Is it pepvpn to Fusionhub?

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Thank You for reply MartinLangmaid
I need more info on how to setup VPN. I thought I knew what to do but I don’t.
I wanted to try and get cams. On VPN to see if they would still work in that configuration. Maybe a tutorial, or some screenshots might help me.

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OK cool. Probably best to start from the beginning.

Why do you need VPN to access the cameras? Is that so you can connect remotely when you are away to view them? How do you view them? Is it access to a web interface on the camera? Or do the cameras stream?

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I have two WiFi cams. That use an app.
Even though they are on the LAN they still have an IP address that is similar to my WAN IP address. If I look at cam. Info on app. I see IP starting with 174. on LAN it is If I create an outbound rule they will not work.
I wanted to put them on VLAN to see if they will work and hopefully be more secure.

Thank You for helping me.

What make and model are the cameras?

I would suggest you first set up remote user access: Configure Remote User Access using OpenVPN

Then when you are remote you can connect to your network using your smartphone / tablet and the camera app will likely just work.

The make is geeni. Just a $20 dollar cam. But has lots of features. I just don’t like the the fact it gets its own IP address.

Ok I setup open VPN. Now I don’t understand how to see LAN.
IF I use my mobile phone in another State, what do I do to see LAN in my State?

Thank You for helping me.

When you connect to the Peplink device using OpenVPN you can then access IP addresses on the LAN from anywhere.