Trying to block Bittorrent with Balance One, Balance 20


We have Balance One and Balance 20 routers running in a public WiFi environment. We have been getting warnings from the ISPs regarding illegal Bittorrent use and so we have enabled Content Blocking and Access Rules (see attached screenshots). But we continue to get the warnings about Bittorrent use. Can anyone please help with additional settings to help prevent/block this use? Thank you much!!



Hello onSpotwifi,

I would recommend looking at our 7.1.1 beta firmware. We have improvements our web blocking in this firmware. You can find a link to the beta firmware in this announcement post.


Hello @onSpotwifi,
In addition to what @Zach_Tangen shared, this is what we have as a minimum for several of our commercial customer who offer public Wi-Fi, to date none of them have had any issues.

In addition to this, all public Wi-Fi is been managed through InControl2 with a Captive Portal, therefor logging access to the Wi-Fi and its usage down to an individual user & there device(s).

Even after you instigate these settings, it could take several months for the letters to stop. We recommend documenting the processes & efforts you have put into place and then supplying all of that in writing to your ISP, you may wish to get local legal advice if the problem persists.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help Zach, we will look into that firmware.


Thanks for your help! We will try those settings adjustments.