System lockups on Balance 310 5G on 8.4.0

I have 14 Balance 310 5G’s. 10 of them lockup regularly, some as frequently as daily. Swapping the peplink PSU bricks doesn’t make a difference. Tensions are running very high over the disruptions caused by the constant lockups.

We raised this issue with peplink back in May, and have had basically zero response from peplink other than suggested I have 10 bad UPS units at 10 separate sites, or to try to turn on “watchdog” so maybe it will automatically reboot when it locks up.

VERY disappointed right now.

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What firmware are you running? 8.3.0 is stable, so mission critical devices should be moved to that if possible.

The watchdog timer does work for this issue, and reboots the device.

In terms of frequency of crash, 8.4.1 build 5808 is pretty stable, usually 40+ days before crashing. Peplink have some other builds as well in 8.4.0 that are more stable than early 8.4.0 builds.

Peplink support can get you those builds as you need.

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