System lockups on Balance 310 5G on 8.4.0

Hey, we have been engaging with support a few times over the past couple of months for lockups/system hangs on balance 310 5G’s running 8.4.0. The units externally seem fine (lights all look normal) but they do not respond to anything internally or externally and require a power cycle to recover. This happens, if its going to, between 24 hours and 7 days running or so generally.

We have been given a few new builds but the issue is still occurring on several systems- one of the units running 8.4.0 build 5778 just did it this morning. We have exported the diagnostics and sent them through but I wanted to see what experiences other users are having and if any specific features seem to be triggering it.

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We’ve been having the same issues on Balance Two, Balance 310-5G and SDX Pro models (all use the same firmware type). We are now mainly running a special build for those that we got from a ticket:

The issue is there with units that are solely running on Cellular and also ones that were running with Cellular modems disabled. So it was not specifically to do with the type of uplink.

We are also running some on the 8.4.1 beta releases, RC1 came out today so we are updating to the RC1 for those. The 8.4.1 seems to be stable with this firmware type.

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Same here. Also been getting random lockups overnight on a Balance 310 5G. Just one of them, we have several. I’m installing the RC1 now.

Hello Peplink Community,
The engineering and support team have been working with us on this for a while (Peplink Ticket#23120566); we have a test version monitored by the Peplink engineers, our support team, and the customer’s IT team. The fix looks good so far, though I’m unaware of the fix getting deployed into 8.4.1 beta or release candidate firmware versions. I cannot share the version firmware as we are on a customer release with the fix.

If anyone has similar issues, I’d recommend first raising a Peplink Support Ticket and checking before deploying any special release firmware.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Which build is that? We have had a couple of builds from peplink support, but are still experiencing these issues in some cases.

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All units that were moved to 8.4.1 RC1 have been up for more than 7 days, all the lockups only happened on the units we still had on 8.4.0s builds. So something that was changed in 8.4.1 seems to have fixed the lock-ups. The 8.4.0 builds could not stay online for more than 2-4 days at max.

We have moved all our B310-5G units to the 8.4.1 RC1 build and will see how it operates for the B310-5G HW2. Previously we had it running only on the B310-5G HW1 models, which is about 30% of our Balance 310-5G models

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I am also seeing the same thing on an MBX Mini running 8.4.0. Can we say for certain that this issue is fixed in 8.4.1??

MBX Mini runs the same firmware type.

For us the issues with the B310-5G have been fixed since moving to 8.4.1 and we are running the latest GA release of 8.4.1 that is available for everyone now.

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We have found most issues fixed in 8.4.1, its much much better, but we have still had multiple lockups on 8.4.1, across a few devices.


So 8.4.1 also experiences lockups? we know what the last actual stable version of this firmware was that we can downgrade to? I can’t have unexpected lockups occurring on mission-critical networks, I’m sure most would agree.

Has there been any further updates on a reliable firmware release for units experiencing lockups?

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We are also still getting sporadic lockups on 8.4.1. Had 2 of them, at separate sites, lock up just yesterday.

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We are also seeing the same thing on multiple 310 5G’s in a customers estate, we have tickets logged I just wanted to add to the thread as it seems to be a widespread issue on this model/code.

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My MBX Mini locked up again on firmware 8.4.1s025 build 5808.