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  1. Was told that this device can be a VPN client, supports OPEN VPN, is that true/accurate?
  2. If it can we want to connect the WAN port to NordVPN, we have the two NordVPN .ovpn files for both TCP and UDP but cannot figure out what to do with the device to get them to work.

Are there any details of exactly what is needed to get this linked up?

Take a look at this. Problem with new OpenVPN Client Software

This is for using ExpressVPN but you should be able to get it to work following these instructions.

NOTE: You need to pay a one-time fee for the license activation key from Pepwave.

Super easy to setup. You might just be missing the purchasing of the license like stated above, but the other steps I listed are exactly for NordVPN.

  1. Pay for the OpenVPN license from Peplink for WAN (

  2. As soon as the activation code is in, and it updates, you also might need to reboot. You will see OpenVPN as a WAN connection.

  3. From there click on that connection and upload 1 of the two files either TCP or UDP version . Add your login info (for your login you can use the email/password or the service account credentials) just below that and choose your WAN connections. Save and apply changes should connect shortly after that.

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