Surf SOHO Mk3 rebooting randomly

I have a Pepwave Surf SOHO Mk3 that I hadn’t used in awhile. I had DSL that came with free WiFi,so I was just using that. Well,I moved and pulled out the Surf and hooked it up to our now cable internet connection, figuring everything would be fine.

We have Spectrum internet, which I know sucks. That is connected to the Surf SOHO with Ethernet. It was working fine all day yesterday, then I moved some things around and sat the Surf on top of the cable modem and it kept rebooting. LIke 3 times in ten minutes. The lights on the front would go red, then left one yellow then the right one yellow and it would come back up. I didn’t do anything to it, it would just reboot.

I figured it was overheating since it was sitting on the cable modem, so I moved it off and had no problems for close to 20 hours. Then just now, it did the same thing. Working fine, all the same devices, using the same services, and it just rebooted on its own. I checked the log and didn’t see anything that would say why it would reboot.

It does have the newest firmware. I have a couple computers connected to it over WiFi and a couple over Ethernet. I have an unmanaged switch that will eventually be connected to it as well, but isn’t currently attached.

Please download Diagnostic Report and submit a ticket for us to take a look.