Surf Soho; internal vs external antenna results?

I just installed a Surf Soho in my basement with it set to broadcast using 2.4. Coverage seems to be pretty good using the internal antennas, but I’m curious how much improvement in range/speeds I can expect if I used external antennas instead.

Also, are there recommended antennas? The vendor I purchased from didn’t offer the version that included the antennas. The website just says " any supported antennas into the RP-SMA".

I would definitely recommend going with the external antenna option. Through testing there was a noticeable difference right away. As you have the ability to use MIMO if two external antennas are connected to the SOHO.

We do offer the antenna kit for the SOHO otherwise any antenna with a RP-SMA connector will work.

Product Code - ACW-826
Wi-Fi Antenna Kit (for Surf SOHO)

  • 2x SMA Dual-band Antennas (5dbi)

Thanks. Just ordered.

@cyclops: If it helps any, we typically see about 150-200ft of range with the internal antennas. We have a pair of Taoglas antennas that operate on 2.4GHz or 5GHz and have a gain of about 3.8-5.5db. When attaching those external antennas we’ve seen as much as 50% more range.

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That is helpful. Thanks.