Surf Soho Client List shows server ip address as

I am (successfully) running a web server off of a raspberry pi behind my surf soho. Up until recently, when I went to the Surf Soho’s GUI Status>Client List page, my raspberry pi server showed the proper local ip address ( for the client. In my my raspberry pi server, I have configured a static local ip of as well. However, recently I noticed a change and I cannot figure out if the change is on the server’s end, or the surf soho’s end of things.

Now, instead of my surf soho showing the raspberry pi as, it shows it’s ip address as


In my surf soho settings, I also have my dhcp reservation for the raspberry pi server set to a static ip address of, which is the same static setting on my server’s end. I am wondering 2 things:

  1. How do I get my raspberry pi’s ip address to show back up as in the surf soho client list?
  2. What are the security ramification that are happening underneath the hood by having my server’s ip address being listed as the loopback interface of on my Surf Soho Client list page?


May i know your device is running using latest firmware 8.0.2 ? If not can you please upgrade using the latest firmware and check again ?

If your device is using latest firmware and you still see the issue, would you please open a support ticket for Support team to check for the client list shown as ? Supposedly when WIFI client connected to the WIFI SSID for the SOHO, the IP address for the client will be updated to the client list.

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I have a similar issue with a Brother wireless printer. It used to go to within about 12 hours of being powered up. Funny thing is, I was still able to ping it at it’s regular IP address. I have messed quite extensively with the printer interface settings as it responded to all kinds of network traffic. Most of the communications methods were switched off and that seemed to help but every once in a while it still shows up as It has gone from ‘constantly’ to ‘rarely’ now so I am not too bothered by this any more, especially since it doesn’t seem to affect operation.
In terms of ‘how do I get rid of the’ … reboot the device in question would usually fix it when the ip lease was renewed. You might have to reboot the router as well, I am not 100% certain as it’s been a while.
IMHO, it’s a glitch/timing/phase of the moon issue between the router and a particular device. It only ever happens on this one printer out of some 15 normally connected (all wireless) device. There was a time at the very beginning when a Pi zero W was doing the same thing but it has stopped doing that with no interaction by me.

Good luck !

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I believe I figured out what was going wrong here. This seems to be coming from my raspberry Pi that is using the exact same static IP address for the wi-fi connection as it is for the ethernet connection. I accidentally assigned the same static IP address for both wi-fi and eth0 in my raspberry pi settings. To remedy this, all I did was go into my rasperry pi and change the static ip of my WIFI to a different static ip address. Another way to remedy this is to just disable wifi on my raspberry pi and leave it plugged in using ethernet only.

So it seems, that if the surf soho has two different devices fighting for the same local ip address, that it somehow assigns a address to one of the devices. If the surf soho isn’t doing this, then the raspberry pi is doing the address assignment of for the wifi. Either way, it is fixed.

Thank you for all of the help!

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