Surf SOHO client has an IP address of all zeros

Surf SOHO MK3 running firmware 8.0.2 Build 1480

All zero IP addresses appears to be a thing now. I am the third person (that I found) to write here about a device with an all-zero IP address showing up in the client list.

Two months ago the issue was raised here with no real conclusion
Dumping an individual client on a Surf SOHO router?

Last month the issue was raised here
Surf Soho Client List shows server ip address as
In this instance, the issue was due to user configuration error.

Still, regardless of any user errors, should a device show up as connected to the router with an IP address of I would think not.

I bring this up because I too saw a device with an IP address of today as shown above. The router is not mine, so I have limited information.

The router is new so there are only 4 days of Daily Usage Reports. No days show an all zero IP address using any bandwidth. The MAC address is assigned to Epson, so it is probably a printer.

The device is connected to a WiFi network that is assigned to the untagged LAN.
The DHCP range is the default with the router being .1
The router was not logging DHCP for the untagged LAN, but I changed that after noticing this.

The previous user error that resulted in this had to with hard coded IP addresses. The Surf SOHO replaced a consumer Linksys device which most likely used a different subnet.

The router has only been powered on for 4 hours when I noticed the all zero IP address.
About an hour later, the Epson device had a normal DHCP assigned IP address in the 192.168.50.x subnet. The assigning of the IP address was logged in the Event Log.

What should happen if a device gets on a WiFi network but has a static IP outside of the subnet used by that WiFi network?

If it matters, the Surf SOHO has three VLANs defined, each assigned its own SSID.


This is a bug and it has been fixed in 8.1.0. Please refer to the 8.1.0 beta release note, reference 21647.

Please try 8.1.0 beta if this is urgent. :blush:



Thank you.

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