Surf Soho Blank Admin page after Factory Reset

I factory reset my router (Surf SOHO, running 8.02), after I try to connect to the router on I get a blank webpage.
If I look at the page source code I can see that the login page is in fact there but it is not loaded properly due to javacript / jquery errors. When I inspect the origin of the error I can see that it is loading some javascript files, but somehow the contents seem to be css, triggering an error.

I have tried the following:

  • Clearing my browser cache
  • Disabling my adblocker
  • Disabling antivirus
  • Using a different browser
  • Using a different PC
  • Disconnecting the router from power for several minutes before plugging back in
  • Performing another (multiple) factory resets.
  • CSS manipulation: I can get the form to show up by locally editing CSS, but when submitting a username and password nothing happens.

Could there be something wrong in the factory default image, or somehow something got corrupted?
I really need to get my old config back online as I am reliant on it to do my work from home.
Any guesses as to what might be going on?

I just found a [similar forum post] from 2018, however, no resolution is given in the post.

I already submitted a ticket to Peplink Support.

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browser error

Welcome to the forum.
Are you connecting via ip on the wan , ip on the lan , or via incontrol2.
Incontrol2 will save a local backup so you should be able to recover the backup , if it’s in incontrol2.
Have you tried chrome incognito or cli mode?

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Thanks for your reply.
I am connecting via the IP on the LAN. Incognito mode yields the same result unfortunately.
I am unsure what options are available to me from a factory reset configuration.
SSH into port 22 does not seem to work (permission denied)

I am unfamiliar with features in InControl 2 (never used it before), is it enabled at factory default?

Would there be an option to flash the firmware locally, e.g. through the USB port?

After several reboots, now using Incognito mode gets me a step further. I am able to login, but after I cannot interact with anything. Content of JS files seems to be overwritten with CSS, causing all sorts of syntax errors, as was the case with the login panel for quite a while.

i just resolved the issue. Clearing browsing data in Chrome did not work, but using a program like CCleaner and making sure to clear all temp type files (on OS level) resolved it. Hope this helps someone.


It is not unusual for one website to work with browser A and not with browser B. Knee jerk reaction in cases like this should be to try another browser and to try a different computer. Best option, Guest mode on a Chromebook.

FYI: The one time I had a problem with the web interface it was caused by a browser extension. Since I had the same extension in multiple browsers on multiple computers, it was a hassle to figure out.