WebAdmin Blank Page


I have a “Balance 210” and am having a problem accessing the WebAdmin interface. The page simply goes blank and does not load the information. I checked the Chrome Console and it has the following errors.

I tried to open it on Microsoft Edge and I had the same problem.
I upgraded firmware to 7.1.1 and the problem persisted

Someone is going through this difficulty?


What happens if you clear the browser cache and try access in private mode?

The same problem happens. The error shown on the console is different, but I still can not access Webadmin.

I have an older Balance 310 and I can access perfectly from this computer.


Please open a support ticket for support team to check.

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I had a somewhat similar problem with a different page of the web UI. In my case the problem was due to an ad blocker in my browser. Try using a browser with NO extensions or plugins.

I know this is an old thread, but I am currently facing a very similar issue. How was this resolved?

I just resolved the issue. Clearing browsing data did not work, but using a program like CCleaner to clear all the temp files resolved it.

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