Surf SOHO availability and the upcoming MK3

To our Pepwave Surf SOHO fans and customers, we want to apologise for being sold out everywhere. We’re hard at work on the new Surf SOHO “MK3”- 3x3 11ac Wi-Fi, new design - price remains unchanged.

The Surf SOHO MK3 will be available this Fall. Stay tuned via our social media channels or newsletter.

Learn more on our Surf SOHO product page:

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Hello Team,
There has been a ton of interest and excitement for the newly update Surf Soho. We are looking for an official release date for these. So I guess I am wondering if that has been made official yet. Thanks for any information.

Greatly Appreciated,
Jon Grote

Any update on the release date for this?


It should be around November/December.

Thank You

When vendors get these (e.g. Amazon, Newegg, whatever), will there be any name change or any other way for purchasers to be sure they are buying the MK3, as opposed to a MK2 left in the vendor’s stock? I already own a Surf SOHO, but the addition of simultaneous 2.4GHz & 5GHz is worth the replacement.

I believe everyone is out of stock of the old model so you can be pretty sure you will be getting the new model

Have they released a new manual yet? The only one I can find is dated 2014. I’m looking to sign up for a DDNS provider to use with my Router when it arrives and the ones that are listed, some of them don’t have Peplink listed as a vendor or however you call it.

This is the supported DDNS.

I also suggest you to look at our service Find My Peplink from InControl as alternative.

Is the new Surf Soho available for ordering already?

It’s a pity (and a strategic miscalculation) that Peplink management decided to end the production and deplete the inventory of the previous-gen Surf SOHO.

This situation was exacerbated by the fact that the next-gen Surf SOHO MK3 model has been considerably delayed in its release. First, it was to be released “this Fall” but now it’s slipping into winter, with a December release (at the earliest) looking more likely. I think a November release is *not *going to happen, as Peplink resellers are not even accepting pre-orders yet… and it is already mid-November as I write this.

While I’m looking forward to the new Wireless-AC capabilities of the upcoming MK3 model, the previous Wireless-N model was solid, feature-wise, and no slouch either. It was a great product to buy and recommend to others looking for a very capable router (wireless or not!) – with some enterprise-class features built-in – for a decidedly consumer router price of $179. (Even if Peplink had raised the price of the Surf SOHO to $250 or so, it still would have been a fantastic deal.)

Alas, as it stands, for a few months now, consultants and customers who wanted to buy a bunch of Surf SOHOs have had no other option than to wait it out for an extra 3-4 months (which is *not *good!), go with a competitor’s product, or get a much more expensive Peplink router alternative like the $440 Balance One.

I’m guessing that Peplink has lost a lot of income with these delays. Next time Peplink is preparing to test and release a new model (of any of their product lines), I hope they have the sense to keep plenty of previous-gen models in stock.


Roberto Broccoli

Hi Rob,

Your post is well said. The new SOHO MK3 has experienced longer then expected delay and we are upsetting a lot of loyal customers like yourself. This is a hard lesson we have learnt, and we will improve and move forward. Please rest assured that all the voices are well heard and we are as frustrated as customers because we couldn’t get them shipped sooner.

The little good news is we are shipping the SOHO MK3 this week. We know there’s a strong demand and the supply through our distribution channels could be limited at first. Stock availability should improve dramatically next month.

We appreciate your valuable feedback.


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Is the SOHO MK3 also the SUS-SOHO-T? My pre-order email from yesterday said “no firm ETA” Picture me :frowning:

SOHO MK3 = SUS-SOHO-T (Generation 3)
This router has been out of stock for a while now so if you are on back order, I would be assuming it is for the new MK3 model. Would pay to double check with your dealer though

All that really matters to most people is when Amazon gets it.

Oh - Amazon has some? I wondered why I got that Google Alert and it said Fakespot.

And I thought I had pre-ordered from someone that I would get it from soonest.

The photo looks like it was taken in someone’s bedroom.

I’d be concerned whether it’s really a MK3.

Nobody has the MK3 (New Surf SOHO) yet. We are very excited to be getting them soon. We have a waiting list that you can add your email and the minute we have them in for sale, we will send you an email, for you to order. There won’t be enough on the first shipment to satisfy demand, but we hope that improves on the 2nd shipment.

Signup to be notified at:

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Those are the new MK3’s. The pictures have updated and the title and bullet points should update within a day or so. The wait is over but availability will be very limited for the next month or so! Thanks.

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Well. I’ll let you know Saturday. I hope the other store will cancel my pre-order.