Surf SOHO availability and the upcoming MK3

Hello Keith,

I appreciate your transparency and humility. As long as you guys have learned from all this, that is a good thing. Peplink customers can’t ask for more than that.

As far as your announcement that the SOHO MK3 is finally shipping this week (even if it might be limited in stock until next month), that was music to my ears. Looking forward to buying a few units pronto!

Love your products and your company’s responsiveness to your customers! Keep up the good work…


Roberto Broccoli

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We’ve had these on backorder since December 2015. Hopefully, our orders will be ready to ship soon!
Will the Pavilion be updated with new photos?

Hi David,

We will update the new photos at the partner pavilion site soon.

Thank You

Any update on when the new photos will be available?

I had sent you the photos via email. Do let me know if you do not receive it.

Thank you for sending. Marketing team asks if you have these available in higher resolution.

Can you check again ? Photo had been updated.

Hi Sit.
Could you please email these to us as well?
Thank You

Had sent you the photo …:+1:

Three questions:

  1. What’s the difference between the Amazon listings at and ?

  2. Do I understand correctly that the only way to order “directly from Peplink” and thus earn the right to call your technical support number is to order through Amazon? (And, of course, ensure that the seller is Amazon rather than a 3rd-party seller “shipped by Amazon”?)

  3. If I were to place an order for an MK3 with Amazon today (12/19/16), do you have any ballpark idea when I might get the device? I’m trying to figure out whether I’ll be able to get my current router back to the place I bought it from within the 90-day return policy, for example.


Thanks for your post. I noticed you also emailed us about this and I already followed up with you there!


3Gstore is expecting more Surf SOHO MK3s around 1st week in January.

Be sure to read the reviews of the Surf SOHO which we have (around 3X more then Amazon does).

There are other places that offer as good or better service. We have over 100+ support documents that we have created for customers that buy from 3Gstore. You can see a list of them at:

Yes, is an excellent choice for the Surf SOHO! Their customer service and support are exceptional!



To answer your second question, if you purchase from a 3rd party seller who belongs to the Peplink Authorised E-Tailor Program, then you can get support direct from Peplink.
More info can be found here -
Thank You