Standalone Peplink-Controlled 5G/LTE b71/n71 modem to augment current products?

I’ve setup and been using a MAX Transit DUO on a couple of LTE networks (Verizon “SIM1”, Spint/Tmobile SIM2.A, ATT SIM2.B) and its been great. Everything has been reliable and I’ve been able to work remotely without even noticing I’m Mobile instead of on a Cable Modem. awesome

I have found some areas where the Sprint/Tmobile signal would be quite a bit more stable with B71 support, which isn’t supported on the MAX DUO. I really need the redundancy of 2 modems for work, so the decision was made for me.

I’m curious if there are in the works (or available) any LTE/5G B71/n71 compatible MODEMS that can just plug into the WAN port. An even better bonus would be admin control of that modem from the current Peplink interface :slight_smile: Think, MaxTransit 5G with no routing/wifi, just a modem and an ethernet port. The peplink modem controls are good, and going with some 3p modem unit may just introduce more headaches than its worth.

This option would give an option to many customers to add capability to their existing setup without having to just toss out something that works, and it allows customers to fill the spot that seems to be there between the single/dual modem units and the beefy units that have a full fledged managed switch built in. For the “US” market, it lends itself well to having a connection each of the “BIG 3”, as verizon/ATT are reasonable supported on the Max Transit DUO already (The non-urban areas seem to be working well on the duo without much change expected for the next few years). The modem would be great for a TMobile SIM, giving b71 support and able to take advantage of the 5G SA.

There is a USB peplink cellular device in the works, but not sure of the release date.

I have the Cat18 with B71 support that is why I got it not the Dual version.

@Jonathan_Pitts, @lafrad,
Here is the thread referencing the device. MAX HD4 MBX: USB Ports as additional lte ports - #4 by Alex
Its called the “Max Adapter.” The original release was Nov last year, but as of last post should be out within the next 15 or so days.


OOooooo interesting. The PR tease is setting my expectations high!!!