SSID naming options

I see where other have asked this question, but I’m new to Peplink router. We purchased 56 of the Max Transit mini router to install in our Motorcoaches. Is there a way to add the device name to the end of the SSID name in the Group-Wide SSID setting. I’m changing Device name to match the vehicle ID.

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The only ‘variable’ based method that I know of is using “####’ in the SSID settings on InControl2 which adds the last 4 digits of the serial number to the SSID.

maybe @aldwinaldwin might know if there are any more? Device Name as a SSID variable seems like a good idea to me.

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Indeed @MartinLangmaid, since InControl2 2.8.2 …

The substring “####” in an SSID will be substituted with the last 4 digits of the serial number of configured devices no matter where the substring is located in the SSID. Formerly, the substring is substituted only when it is located at the end of the SSID.


I understand the #### but that really doesn’t help in my situation. I will have 55 units install if buses, amd when there are more than one bus in the yard it is hard to determine which bus wi-fi we are connecting to, or if the bus’s Wi-Fi is working as they also have the same SSID. It would be better if the SSID contained the bus # so we know which unit we are dealing with. using the serial number doesn’t tell the mechanics or customer if they are connected to the correct Wi-Fi. I have been putting the Bus number for the device name so it would be great if we could add the Device name to end of the SSID.

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+1 for this. Also being able to use just the device name as the SSID.

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