Sprint Sim card for Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini with LTE Advanced Modem


I just purchased a Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini with Embedded LTE Advanced Modem.

What is the correct Sprint Sim card for the BR1 Mini with the new LTE+ modem ?

I can get a SIMGLW106R Sim Card.
Will this work with the new cell modem ?



Sprint uses a different SIM card for the LTE-A modems and I don’t have the part number in front of me at the moment. Will report back later.

This model is still undergoing the certification testing with an ETA of 2-4 weeks.


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The correct part number for these is SIMGLW106Q


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My Sprint supplier tells me that the SIMGLW106Q in 2FF size is extremely rare and may not be produced anymore.
Is there another Sim card that will work ?

This is the only one I have ever used and it is not extremely rare but I will check with my Sprint contacts.

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Also, does any sim-card will be activated with Peplink IMEI?
I have read on forum that some carrier like AT&T requires a pre-activated sim card, because it is impossible to activate it for Peplink IMEI?

Sprint is the only one that uses a different SIM card for the LTE-A modems. Another thing that is unique about Sprint is that they actually lock an IMEI to a SIM card. In other words, you cannot take an activated Sprint SIM card and place it in another device - it will not work.


And what is about IMEI + sim Lock with other carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon?

Sprint is not really doing a SIM lock, this is more like an IMEI lock. I have never heard of any cases where these carriers are using SIM locks.

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I meant “IMEI locked with sim”, but not a regular sim-lock.
So, do other carriers lock IMEI to a specific SIM card?

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No, only Sprint is doing that here in the US. I also think this will change in time and you will be able to move a Sprint SIM card from device to device without issue.

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Could you please post the name of a supplier of the SIMGLW106Q ?

Both my 2 local sprint stores & the Sprint MVNO that I plan to get Sprint service from have told me that they could not obtain the SIMGLW106Q.



My supplier is Sprint internal. I will try to find out more info for you.

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We typically have the SIMGLW106Q PCS SIM Cards in stock if you need them.

I wanted to add a resource if you have customers looking to purchase the Sprint SIM Card for this device! Let me know if I can help!

This is great, thanks!

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For LTE Advanced you need the Sprint “I-SIM” SIMGLW106Q. For LTE you need the “U-SIM” SIMGLW106R.

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Can you advise when BR1-mini will support LTE-A formally? Until then, we will continue to use SIMGLW106R for our deployment.

To confirm: when LTE-A is available for BR1-mini and we are using SIMGLW106Q, would the device have the ability to fallback to LTE/3G/Edge?

The BR1 Mini LTE-A is already formally supported but it will not fallback to the 3G networks of Sprint or Verizon as they are using CDMA/EVDO.

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Just to clarify, with the BR1 mini LTE-A router I can use either the SIMGLW106R or SIMGLW106Q with the difference of the Q will not have the fallback to 3g? Just wanting to decide which card to get.