SpeedFusion: Unable to establish a VPN connection

Hi , I am new to Peplink devices. I just want to seek on your advice regarding my concern. My VPN connection to other sites all went down and I don’t know the reason behind. When I checked the internet connection on both HQ and nearby sites , it’s up with good and stable connection.The error says " Not available -link failure detected." After “Updating Routes…” status it will immediately went back to Starting…

Please do advice.

Both HQ and BR are Peplink device?

You can refer to this url to check your configuration first:
The Quick Guide to Building a SpeedFusion Connection

Hi Lucas, yes both HQ and BR are running with Peplink devices.

Base on the error message and the connection stat “Updating Routes…”, I would suspect that the issue may related to the PepVPN data port is not allowed. Would you please further check on that ?

You can perform packet capture from Peplink devices to confirm the PepVPN traffics is received for both end devices.

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sitloongs, I will surely check on that. Thanks for the tips. I will come back here soon after my troubleshooting.

Thanks Lucas for the link.