SpeedFusion Tech for Balance 30 LTE

Can I active SpeedFusion license for Balance 30 LTE or not? If not, what purpose use case for Peplink 30 LTE. Can we only use for PepVPN? Let me know another use cases.

Not according to the comparison page so you can’t use the B30 LTE for bonding with your own peers.

However you can use it with the Speedfusion Cloud SpeedFusion Cloud Instructions - Safeguarding Your Connectivity - #8 by Tim_S

Originally designed for load balancing and failover and as a pepvpn endpoint.


Sorry, my confusing. When I activate one license key to my Balance 30 LTE, “Support SpeedFusion Bonding with 2 profile is now activated!” appear on screen. What does mean? In comparison page, 30 LTE can’t use for Failover, WAN Smoothing and Bandwidth Bonding. Now, I can activate and see “PepVPN with SpeedFusion”. I am a little confusing on this license keys.

There are license keys out there for certain regions and to be used by certain MSPs that enable speedfusion bonding on a Balance 30. If that’s the message you are seeing then you have one of those keys. Your Balance 30 LTE now supports full Speedfusion Bonding and can build bonded tunnels to a max of two simultaneous remote peers.


Oh I see and clear. Thanks @MartinLangmaid That reason that you explained is clear and enough.

Hello @MartinLangmaid, Please suggest to me! I have balance 30 LTE using Firmware 7.1.0. I configured the AP behind that 30 LTE ( 30 LTE LAN’s >>> AP ). Now, I have facing to block Facebook and Messenger on mobile. How should I do? It’s OK on LAN Network (Computer). It’s issuing on Mobile. I wanna block only mobile user and will allow LAN Network. Should I separate VLAN for mobile user then block that VLAN?

Hi @MartinLangmaid, I know that you’re so busy. If you have a free time, please suggest to me that what to do.

So you want to block users that are not on the wired LAN from accessing facbook and messenger? Is that it?


Yes, you talk is right. How should I do? If I block http and https, all of web traffic will be blocked. I tried to block content blocking using wildcard but user who have mobile did not success to block.

Can I suggest you goto FW 8.0.2 on you unit. FW 8.0.1 included netflix in the DPI filtering options.
Then set oubound rule to only allow route the service to LAN like in NETFLIX and FUSIONHUB and New DPI steering functionnality - #8 by Jonathan_Pitts


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