I am using a Max Transit Duo and need to keep Netflix from going across the VPN as Netflix now blocks them. Is there a way to set this up?

There is no simple “send Netflix to x” rule.
It would be great if it was defined as a “protocol” in the outbound policies
We generally do it via sending the devices that require Netflix to a particular WAN or SpeedFusion tunnel which Netflix does work on.

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Thanks for the response. Can you provide details as to how I might accomplish. I run a home office where I need speed fusion for speed but had to disable it due to the fact my wife could not watch Netflix. It was not allowing the connection.

So there are a few different approaches you can take but your main friend here will be the outbound policies.

-Don’t use the option of “Send all traffic to SpeedFusion”

-Create a rule called all to SpeedFusion

-Create another rule for each device which requires Netflix (you can use Priority, Enforced or Weighted balance rule depending on your bandwidth and data plans)

Another way of doing it is to create two subnets and wifi networks. One “Business” and one “Home”
Then create two rules, one enforcing all the traffic from the “Business” network to SpeedFusion and all the traffic from “Home” to priority, weighted balance or enforced.


I have a balance with 3 DSL, each around 10 down 1 up and i was very excited to see that watching a 4k video uses all 3 lines at once. So netflix is working really good in this scenario. As you know exactly which networks are behind your VPN you can setup VPN outbound policies on base of the destination network policy and have local internet outbreak on your home router.