New DPI steering functionnality


Can you share how to configure the DPI steering? I dont see any new options in the fw8 and no topic on the forum. I guess some have found how to do it otherwise it is difficult to validate the firmware release on that part.



+1 Am very interested in this new feature, would be great to see more info.

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As stated in the newsletter, DPI Traffic Steering uses to intelligently send traffic to specific WAN links within a SpeedFusion connection. Below are the steps:

  1. Create a SpeedFusion profile with multiple SpeedFusion sub-tunnels
  1. Enable Send All Traffic To to the created profile in step 1

Network > SpeedFusion > Send All Traffic To

  1. Create DPI outbound policy


Thanks a lot for the answer, I had followed these steps and yet the option “application” does not appear in the list. This is why I m confused. DPI is activated…

Any hw version limitation or device limitation? I m using a HD4 to test.

@Venn, Have you chosen PepVPN Profile as the destination?

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Destination PepVPN also doesn’t appear in the list.

8.0.0 build 4203
HD4 HW Rev 1


So it only appears when clicking on the rules that are already drag n dropped on the top Expert layer.
The ones in the normal part don’t have it… That’s pretty confusing… What if we drag them below at some point?

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You will have to either add a new rule , or move the rule that you want to edit above PepVPN routes first.
When you setup this type of Rule you are not able to put in under the PepVPN Routes.
The following error will appear if you attempt to do so and then it moves the rule back up.