SpeedFusion - send traffic over additional lower quality or higher cost WAN 2 when higher quality WAN 1 saturated

I’ve been using SpeedFusion for a week now, and one feature that I would really like would be the capability to route traffic over WAN 2 when WAN 1 is fully saturated on either the upload or download side.

My scenario:
WAN 1 = DSL. Low latency, consistent, quick, but only 1 mbps upload speed.
WAN 2 = LTE. Higher latency, higher jitter, but 10 mbps upload speed.

If I use speedfusion over WAN 1 + WAN 2 currently, latency and jitter increases which means in times when WAN 1 has ample bandwidth to spare, the connection actually gets slightly worse with speedfusion using WAN 1 + (the higher latency) WAN 2 in terms of latency and jitter.

But when a large file is uploaded, it would be great to have WAN 2 upload bandwidth in the mix as during these times SpeedFusion with the LTE connection active would really improve things.

(I don’t want to stop using WAN 1 when it’s being 100% utilized, I just want to add WAN 2 when WAN 1 is being 100% utilized.)

It seems there is currently an option to drop a WAN connection if the latency goes over a set threshold. What I would like to see would be an option to use the condition of WAN 1 (latency or utilization % of WAN 1) and based on WAN 1 condition, take an action on WAN 2: enable WAN 2 traffic.

So if WAN 1 hits 95% utilization, turn up WAN 2 traffic.

Or another way it could work, if WAN 1 latency increases from 30 ms to 100 ms (which happens when it’s saturated fully) start additionally routing traffic over the lower quality WAN 2 (which would be 50-70ms)

You can change the speedfusion traffic distribution policy. open a wen browser to your device and login, then change index.cgi to support.cgi in the address bar and go to the page.
Then click on this link:
Which takes you to the PepVPN/SPeedFusion profile page, edit a profile and you’ll see a new line:

You can then choose Overflow:

The help text for overflow says:
Overflow - Use the wan-to-wan link with highest overflow precedence for sending traffic. Overflow to link with lower precedence when the current one is congested, or approaching WAN upload / download bandwidth defined by user.


Remember to set the available Bandwidth for each WAN in the WAN settings page to give this a chance of working effectively.



With a multiWAN Balance <-> FusionHub setup, would Traffic Distribution policy overflow need to be set on both the balance and the fusionhub, or only on the balance?

I’ve tested this for a couple hours.

Setting up the speedfusion tunnel manually on the balance and the fusionhub, I wasn’t clear if I needed to set the traffic distribution to match on both or only on the device initiating the speedfusion tunnel (?) (I tried both, first setting this only on the balance which initiates the speedfusion connection since it doesn’t have a public IP, and then setting it on both the balance and the fusionhub. I didn’t see any difference between these tests but would like to know the correct procedure.)

The overflow method for speedfusion is really interesting to me in that it seems to have the potential to deliver the low latency of the lowest latency connection when it can handle all the bandwidth needs.

In a couple hours of testing however, oddly, I couldn’t get it to utilize the second WAN for download (from the internet to the balance) nearly as effectively as traffic distribution bonding, but the upload side worked fairly well.

Speedfusion traffic distribution Bonding 15/1 DSL + 20/10 LTE resulted in a download of 25.6 mbps
Speedfusion traffic distribution Overflow 15/1 DSL + 20/10 LTE resulted in a download of only 17 mbps

I speedtested the DSL line at 14.5 alone, and adjusted the wan 1 (DSL) download bandwidth setting from 16 to 15 to 14.5 (entered as kbps) to 14 to 13 but didn’t see any real improvement.