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Currently, I am using IPSec VPN to connect 2 China offices back to HQ and all traffic are routed back to HQ, including Internet Surfing. As such, bandwidth in HQ is always at Peak.

Speedfusion caught my attention and I intented to leverage on multiple DSL circuits instead of upgrading my current bandwidth.

However, as a newbie, there a few grey areas which I’m not sure.
Attach diagram for easy reference, on the left is HQ and right are the 2 China offices.

-HQ, Peplink 580, drop-in mode, require static route to firewall
-China, Peplink 210, replacing existing firewall


  1. Can speedfusion works behind Great China Firewall?

  2. Can China offices’ internet traffic routed via speedfusion tunnel to HQ and filtered by my Barracuda Web Filtering before going out to WWW?

  3. In HQ, does normal internet surfing benefits from Multi WAN load balance?

  4. With Multi WAN bonding, does this affect my Web hosting and in/out email traffic?

  5. Any changes requires on my DMZ segment?

  6. In drop-in mode, on Peplink 580, the internal facing port, my firewall should treat it as WAN or LAN?

Pls advise.


Hi Sunny, to answer your questions:

  1. SpeedFusion requires TCP port 32015 to be open for handshaking, and the tunnel itself is UDP port 4500. This can be changed to a custom port as well.

  2. This could be accomplished using drop-in mode on the 580 and moving the web filter appliance between the 580 and your firewall. Would just need to add a LAN default route on the 580.

  3. Absolutely! By adding the additional DSL connections, all users will benefit from the added bandwidth.

  4. It will not affect it, but only make it better.

  5. No change should be needed.

  6. The firewall would treat the 580 as a WAN. When using drop-in mode the firewall will maintain its existing default gateway.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Tim, thanks for the answers but I’m still puzzled on Qns 2.

By putting the web filter appliance between the 580 and my firewall, can the web filter appliance capture users’ browsing traffic base on User PCs’ IP address? (e.g Source IP/Hostname and Destination IP/URL)

Can I put the web filter appliances behind firewall and set a static route on 580 to route all traffic to the web filter appliance?


Is the web filter appliance operating at Layer 2?

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Yes, layer 2.

Adding on to my queries…

In order for speedfusion to perform at peak, I should consider more WAN lines or higher WAN bandwidth?
Which combination work best? 4 x 15M WAN or 2 x 100M WAN?


Bonding performance works best when using connections of similar quality in terms of speed and latency.

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