Speedfusion as workaround to ATT port blocking

We’re having this issue with our ATT service where they won’t open ports like 22 because it is not an ATT device (it is the Max Transit Duo). I need to be able to access custom ports via all these carriers for the work I do. Would routing them through Speedfusion potentially open up the ability to circumvent ATT’s blocked ports somehow?

Thanks so much!

-Frustrated IT Guy

Hi - Welcome to the forum!

Yes it would. A hosted Fusionhub would have its own public IP address that you can use both for inbound port forwarding (over VPN) to LAN side devices on your transit Duo, and for outbound traffic in the event ATT is blocking anything else.


Thank you, Martin! I’m looking forward to getting setup with Speedfusion. Will follow up here to let folks know how it goes with respect to these sort of situations, which I assume can’t be all that rare in the world of professional digital nomads. Thanks! -Wil

Just wanted to take a moment to confirm that we have been successful in whitelisting the new generated IPs from Speedfusion onto our cloud and therefore resolving the ATT port issues we had beforehand. Cheers!

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