Special updated Firmware 7.1.2 and 6.3.5 with EDNS compliance


We are pleased to announce our special build 7.1.2 firmware with EDNS compliance.
update: A compliant 6.3.x version is now also available!

What’s happening?

A number of DNS software and service providers have announced that they will all cease implementing DNS resolver workarounds to accommodate DNS authoritative systems that don’t follow the EDNS protocol.

If your company’s DNS zones are served by non-compliant servers, your online presence will slowly degrade or disappear as ISPs and other organizations update their resolvers.
If you use your Peplink router as a DNS resolver, we advise upgrading to this firmware version, which is compliant with EDNS. If you don’t upgrade some sites and email servers may become unreachable after 1 February 2019…

You can read more on the subject on this website.

You can download the EDNS compliant firmware from the following locations:

Version 7.1.2s020 with EDNS compliance

Peplink Balance 305hw2/380hw6/580hw2-3/710hw3/1350hw2/2500 7.1.2s010 build 2587

Peplink Balance One/210hw4/310hw4 | Pepwave MAX HD4/HD2mini/M700hw3/Transit/BR1 ENT 7.1.2s010 build 4125

Pepwave MAX 700/HD2 7.1.2s010 build 3592

Peplink Balance 210/310 7.1.2s010 build 3592

Peplink Balance 20/30/30LTE/50 7.1.2s010 build 3592

Version 6.3.5s020 with EDNS compliance

Peplink Balance 305hw2/380hw6/580hw2-3/710hw3/1350hw2/2500

Peplink Balance 305hw1/380hw1-5/580hw1/710hw1-2/1350hw1

Peplink Balance One/210hw4/310hw4 | Pepwave MAX HD4/HD2mini/M700hw3/Transit/BR1 ENT

Pepwave MAX 700/HD2

Peplink Balance 210/310

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Hi, Thanks for this.

It is an interesting problem because we have a very large installed based of HW versions that cannot run version 7 firmware.
Will you provide a fixed 6.3.5s ?



Hi Dana

Yes the engineering team told me this morning that they are working on a 6.3.x firmware that will be compliant with Edns. This should be available soon.


Thank you for this updated software, it has allowed us to continue to utilize our investment in the peplink products for the time being. As DNS security continues to be a critical part of network infrastructure security, will peplink commit to continue to develop DNSSEC/EDNS/and DNSoverHTTPS for these products ? Just being “compliant” for the FlagDay deadline isn’t really a long term solution if we’re not actually utilizing the features as they are intended.


ALSO: can we assume that this current compliance fix will be rolled into all future releases (8.0+) ? Thank You


Hello @Erik_deBie,
Will this release be put into the Firmware list for InControl2 or will we need to use the custom firmware options?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks James - that is good news about the continuation of Peplink engineering support for HW that isn’t capable of running 7.0 or newer firmware.

Kind regards,


Is this also included in the 8.0.0 Beta?


@GNO-2014, please find the feedback below.


@mldowling We won’t make this release available in the firmware list in InControl2.
People will have to choose "custom " firmware and paste the URL to the firmware in the available field.

@WhereWolf The current compliance fix will be rolled into future firmware releases, it will be mentioned in the release notes when it is included.


Hi James,

do you have any ETA for this specific 6.3.x version ? We are impacted by the flag day, but not able to upgrade to the 7.1.2 version.

Thank you,


The build is complete and is currently going through Quality assurance testing. We are hoping to have this complete in the next few days and will then release the firmware.


Hi Dana and NSS,
The 6.3.5 version with EDNS compliance is now available.


Hi Peplink Team,
I can see that the 6.3.5 version has been released, but not for the “Balance 380 HW3-5” device.
Would it be available for this device soon ?
Thank you very much



in the post from Erik is the version for you



Hi Dennis,
thank you very much !
Kind regards,

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Is there a version for the Surf SOHO line?