Sonos Across VLANs

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We have used the Bonjour Forwarding Settings for AirPlay and it works great.
Is it possible to do the same for Sonos?
Have been reading a bit about it and there doesn’t seam and easy way to do it within the Balance 750.
Any ideas greatly appreciated!

How do you connect to the Sonos? Inter-Vlan or via SpeedFusion?

I noticed there is a group of ports needed for Sonos. Below is the link.

Hi GNO-2014,

I could be mistaken but I believe that SONOS communicates via Multicast traffic, so would not be forwarded/routed between VLANs. There would need to be some sort of option for forwarding or routing multicast traffic between selected networks.


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We are connecting inter-VLAN. Via SpeedFusion is not required.

The Sonos equipment us currently sitting on the “Owner” VLAN but we would like it to also be available to the “Guest” network as well.

Does anyone know if Sonos works in a similar way to AirPlay?

How would we forward multicast traffic between the VLANs?

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Sonos should work in the same broadcast environment. I will move this thread to feature request since Sonos across Vlan is needed.

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We have a 750 MediaFast running with 5 VLANs and the Sonos is currently sitting on a VLAN.
You are welcome to test on this network as the network is only in use over the weekends.
I can move the Sonos kit to the native VLAN if needed.
Thank You

Thanks for the offer. Can you share how many customer is looking for this? Mind to PM me the details?

Anyone is interested in this feature, you are welcome to post your comment.

Thank you.

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Currently we have one customer that really want this and many others that could do with it in a similar way to Bonjour forwarding.

I was playing with things today and though I had found a solution but it only worked for 15 seconds.

I moved one device to a different VLAN - the kitchen Sonos unit which the staff need access to.

After moving this device to that VLAN I was controlling that device on the same subnet (Staff) but when I changed wifi back to “Owner” (where the rest of the Sonos kit sits) and was connected to the “Owner” wifi, I was still streaming from my device to the kitchen and was able to play/pause and volume up/down but this only lasted for 15-30 seconds after which I was only able to see all the other devices and the audio stream stopped.

I thought the solution might be to have at least one Sonos piece of kit on each VLAN and then they would communicate, sadly not the case but I I’ve proved that the equipment could communicate between the VLANs for a period of time units it probably realised it was in different VLANs.

Please let me know if you would like to test this further!

Thank You

I have a similar issue with connecting Sonos to a separate VLAN - has anyone figured out a solution? clearly media devices should not be able to access trusted devices or traffic but should be able to go out to internet and communicate with each other. thanks…

No solution yet without having a separate piece of hardware (linux server) connected to all the VLANs that you want the broadcast traffic transversing.
Even then it wasn’t reliable and was slow picking up devices (unlike the bonjour forwarding which works great!)
Any news on looking into this Peplink?
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Thanks for the feature request. This feature was KIV at the moment since we are rushing for other important features.

Anyway, door still opened. We shall reconsider this in future.


Hi, are there any updates on this? I would like to keep Sonos on my IOT vlan and control it from my primary secure vlan. Alternatively are there any workarounds?

I am new to Peplink (just got my Surf Soho yesterday and have not had a chance to config yet) and pretty much a newb in terms of advanced routing. I found my way here after getting hacked. I was searching for ways to better secure my home network and peplink was suggested more than once. Looking forward to getting my network back on track, I’m sure the forums will be a great resource.

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I would love this too! Sonos control across VLANs from iOT to other VLANs

+1 feature request


Hi Guys
Any further info on this?
I have been asked for a it many more times.
People don’t understand that AirPlay can work across the VLANs but SONOS can’t


Dear peplink engineering team. The last 6 deployments we’ve done for residential customers all had SONOS speakers and its been really really boring to redesign what should have been a deliver-to-site-and-it-works solution that we provide to work with the SONOS products.

In our case we need to be able to support SONOS speakers on the WAN and on a different VLAN (typically one or the other not both) and their control and management by the SONOS app on the client’s handheld devices.

I note that there is a SSDP/uPNP multicast relay utility on github here GitHub - alsmith/multicast-relay: Relay multicast and broadcast packets between interfaces. that looks like it should work.

There is also a post here that describes the ports needed as well as the selective Multicast relay required for SONOS discovery.

Please can this be investigated to see if Peplink device might support SONOS forwarding like this in the near future…



My Sonos devices are the only remaining IoT devices still on my internal VLAN because of this requirement. +1 for wanting a solution for this.


I’d love to have this also. We don’t really have a need for VLANs in our office but we use Peplink APs so I was using them previously to segment the network up. But then we found out that employees on the employee network could no longer control the Sonos speakers. I had posted for help and was told the same thing so we ended up just going back to no VLANs. We have about 6 Sonos speakers in our office that are on all the time so +1 from us also.



Very important feature for all resi installs


Evening All
Sounds like there is decent interest in this.
Could Peplink give us an update on this?


+1, Network segregation has become a thing nowadays even for residential network, hope Peplink can prioritise this feature request.