Software or firmware updates?

I’ve searched and haven’t seen an article on software or firm ware upgrades to make sure my Max-br1-lte-us-t is up to date. What is the solution?

Hi @Gsa396,

There are two ways that you can check if your device is running the latest firmware available for it. The first one would be to check Peplink firmware download page.
Different devices and different hardware versions have dedicated firmwares available for them.

The second method would be to check for the latest firmware on the device itself.
Open you device WebGUI, go to System > Firmware > Check for Firmware. Using this method device will look if there is a newer firmware version available for it.



Login to the BR1, check the HW version shown on the status page, then go to find your model:

|Product|Hardware Revision|Firmware Version|Download Link|
|MAX BR1|HW2-3|8.0.2|Download|
|MAX BR1|HW1|6.3.5|Download|


Dear @Gsa396,

supplementary comment:
there is no option to have the device with the latest firmware without administrator intervention. Firmware update must be approved by you whichever method you choose.

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Thank you! Great forum everyone and really appreciate the input!!