Social Media for Hotels ( Hospitality )

can I use Social Wifi hotspot for a Hotel as i will use the follwing

Balance 710
AP AC Mini = 250 APs

can i use both 710 as WLAN controler and IC2 for Social authuntication.

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Hello @diaaalwa,
The equipment you have mentioned is very capable of this when setup properly.

We have been working extensively on a projects here in Australia including hospitality locations. We were so happy with the results we wrote a big thanks here in the forum.

We recommend that you ask your local Peplink Distributor to help put you in touch with an experienced Peplink Certified Engineer if you need help, you can also search this forum and ask questions here of the community.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Dear Marcus

thank you for your reply, so can we use both for management the BL and IC2, I need IC2 for Social login and BL to manage the APs, or another thing can we use IC2 on premises and replace the BL and does the IC2 support roaming.

Hello @diaaalwa,
You can use InControl2 to configure and manage:

  • the Balance router
  • Pepwave WAPs
  • Social Logins (Captive Portal).

By using InControl2, the captive porthole can offer a lot more choices to use:

These are all of the Authentication Ways currently available

These are all of the current Social Media options you can choose with InControl2

Give InControl2 a go as your full management suite for the equipment, SSIDs and Captive Portal. We have tested many of the other vendors out there and Peplink is in our current view the best in the market.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

thanks and does InControl Support Roaming ?

Hello @diaaalwa,
@TK_Liew answered this in a previous post.

Does that answer your question?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: