Is PEPLINK support WIFI Roaming

am planing to install PEPWAVE AP ONE Mini AC, around 10 AP in one location, and manage it with B380, but the customer ask if it support roaming if they move through AP’s it well disconnect or not , so is PEPWAVE Support 11F 11K 11R

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Wireless roaming mainly dependent on the wireless client device itself. It decides when to make the switch between AP’s based on it’s wifi parameters. To help the client devices transition I would recommend setting a minimum signal threshold on the AP’s to help the client devices make a more optimal switch when roaming between AP’s .

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My question is about Remote AP - if I have 6 AP One Mini in one site (they are currently managed via inControl) and 20 AP One Mini on another site, managed with Balance 2500, can I just drop using inControl and manage all AP One devices from 2500 using Remote AP? Any differences between managing APs with inControl and Balance in terms of WiFi roaming? User requirement is that all SSIDs and auth policies should be managed as one WiFi Group.

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Yes you can manage all AP One devices from 2500 using Remote AP.

Wifi roaming is client decision. So there is no different by using InControl2 and Balance router.