Simple Settings for WiFi Calling with Visible/Verizon on Pepwave Max BR1 Mini LTEA

I’ve seen a couple posts, but nothing that helps a layman like me. I am using an Apple iPhone to connect to a Pepwave Max BR1 Mini LTEA with a Visible/Verizon SIM. Are there a few simple setting changes I can make to:

  1. Enable WiFi calling on the phone (the setting is enabled on the phone, but it will not activate when connected to the Pepwave)
  2. Improve FaceTime usability

I know some people have previously commented on WiFi calling not being desirable on a LTE hotspot, but I have previously used WiFi calling on the same phone when connected to a Verizon hotspot from another phone with no issue. I would at least like to try it on my Pepwave setup to see if it’s reliable enough for work.